Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi all!

I am back, re-starting my blog after I first got it set up a year ago. I am so excited to get involved with the blogging community. I 've been on such wonderful blogs lately and have been enjoying all the amazing and creative things I've been finding ! Soooo many talented people out there on the world wide web!! I hope to meet even more talented and creative people who love stamping and scrapping as much as I do as my blog progresses. I'll have something to share soon, ( as soon as I figure out how to post my images! ) I'm new to all this, so I hope you all will be patient. some of my most inspirational blogs and bloggers are: Chat of : Me MyStamps and I ; Jean of : Bear Hugs and InkyPaws; Lorrri of : confessions of a stampin addict; Nancy of : istamp. check back in the next few days to see what I have to share.

Thanks for stopping by


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